The Quality Assurance of AHC is based on the principles that

AHC in Cambodia

  1. Quality standards, quality assurance and quality control requires a multi-level model;

  2. Consultants, individually or in groups, should have day to day responsibility for the quality of their work, complemented by the principle of those seeking consultancy and business also have responsibilities;

  3. The process of quality assurance should be regarded as owned by all parties - business, consultants and those receiving consultancy;

  4. As much as possible there should be a participatory approach premised on respect for all;

  5. All procedures and requirements should be subject to constant review and specialist advice to maximise effectiveness.

Quality Standards, Quality Assurance and Quality Control

These focus on

  1. Management of the consultancies,

  2. On-going support to consultants

  3. Consultantsí relationship with Business,

  4. Consultantsí relationship with individuals, groups and organisations, and

  5. Outcomes from consultancy.