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Maria Landy
Since 2003 Maria Landy (MTFL Ltd) More Time For Learning has specialises in Special Educational Needs (SEN) training, inspection, advice and support for headteachers, principals, deputy headteachers, senior leaders, SENCOs, teachers, support staff and governors plus Local Authorities with a particular focus on SEN. Our services have proved essential for improving performance and assessments, as well as being very valuable for Local Authorities and higher education staff, inspectors and consultants. We have many courses available to you that run throughout the year where we provide expertise in the various topic areas and suggestion for development. The useful information section of her website is highly valued and regularly visited by several schools as it helps them keep up to date and often provides guidance that saves time with succinct help through the maze of information they receive.

Maria identifies a number of key topics that impact on all SEN providers. New legislation means that schools must be prepared to meet statutory requirements and her aim is to provide you with the necessary knowledge and support materials to do just that. Her advice, training and support help to analyse and improve practice.

She has a proven track record in informing, guiding and assisting schools, PRUs and Local Authorities improve the quality of their services. The evidence for this is the high number of OUTSTANDING schools and providers she has and is working with. Their testimony is such a positive commendation of her positive impact. Maria Landy

Maria Landy was the first woman president of NASEN - the National Association for Special Educational Needs. She is a very experienced Ofsted inspector and was a trainer of inspectors. Maria has written several articles and the book 'Inspecting Special Needs Provision' published by David Fulton. She is much appreciated as a keynote presenter at conferences.

Apart from leading teams to inspect schools, her activities include INSET and advisory support for schools nationally and internationally, lecturing in universities and HE colleges and consultancy to LEAs.

She is an extremely experienced presenter and evaluations and feedback confirm her courses are lively, interesting and enjoyable and often have a very positive practical impact on practice. Maria is a very experienced teacher and has a reputation for coming up with innovative and imaginative approaches for presenting the issues. Her very detailed course files and materials are highly valued and much appreciated by delegates, as well as being very useful working references.